sábado, 27 de enero de 2007


I'm now at school. Taking some class about the New York Stock Exchange. It's amazing how Mexico is important to the mexicans, but no to anyone else -of ourse that is not for sure, but it will make my point-. However, The United States are important to all of us, even from those who call themselves "Antiyankees" -I'm not one of them, just for the record-. They control the world, and they are our neighbors.

My people, the really desperate and the really poor ones, risk their lives to cross the borderline, to find some job even if they have no papers, even if they're illegal. Some die trying, some cross over. Then some wall appeared in the scene. The wall that will divide them and us.

Porfirio Díaz, a dictator that governed my country for 30 years during the late 19th Century and the first ten years of the 20th, once said, "Oh, Mexico, so far from heaven, so close to United States".

I don't know if those words are true. I don't mean to judge an entire country, because I don't want my country to be judged either. I just think that this wall makes clear the line between these two nations, and still I'm here studying the NYSE.


Well this is my break, thinking about some other stuff, other than myself.

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