jueves, 25 de enero de 2007

News from J/ Why do I continue reading?

Jejejejejejejeje, I'm really enjoying this game that I guess I'm inventing. I go in every day hoping I can get a new clue. Don't know why, it is just like some fixation. Today she answered, and I answered back. I told her which my hypothesis' are. Then she posted something: "Evan", and I read it lots of times because it said she got married. Now this is where my twisted mind colapsed and thought it was a clue... a clue to guide me in my way of discovering the truth. I'm aware it is, at some point or every level, sick.

I don't care. It is not only a mistery but also is entertaining. I find it fascinating. To think where she is, what she does. To believe someone in the world cares about me just because he/ she reads something I wrote and wonders who I am, what I do, where I live.

Perhaps that's the reason why I continue reading that blog. Because I hope someone other than my friends reads mine, and finds me extraordinary.

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