viernes, 2 de febrero de 2007

Damn Hugo Chavez

He is the devil of Latin America. He is just out of mind, and he's controlling a country with delayed ideas. I hate power. I hate soul corruption. I hate people treating others like objects. Each and every person is a goal itself. They are no means. Or they are no just means.

Hugo Chavez uses Venezuela to acomplish power, to reach his ambition of being the next Castro. He is like lots of other dictators who damaged South America. However, he embraces the eradicated comunism. He claims he wants his people to be ok, forgetting he governs a country where poor and rich live, and equality does not mean they all have to be poor, is just about having the same opportunities.

Thus, there cannot be a leftlist government if population is not educated, because in the Third World, leftlist postures are the worst way to reach power.

I hate Hugo Chávez. He reminds me of López Obrador, a man who almost won the Presidencial Elections in my country. It was a matter of luck that he is not our President, because sadly my country is not educated.

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