jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

So, I'm here, right from the start. Right from the scratch. This is what is left of me, and I'm looking for all the pieces to complete the puzzle. I'm the puzzle, I'm looking forward to finish it. I want to observe my face, to recognise my soul.

Whose soul is this? I've been trying to convince myself. "This is who I am", a loud voice says, but there is a soft sound trying to tell me I borrowed a personality I'm not supposed to have. So, who am I?

I'm searching. I'm a searcher. I know what I'm not, though I have doubts. This is it. The first day of my life. I did not live. I was just existing. Like a vegetable, like a tree, except I didn't produce Oxygen, I was just spending it. Just a tube. An arrow without arch.

I let the others rule my life. But I wasn't living. Now I am. Now I am. Now I am. I hope I live to see the day I'll stop thinking about it to make it real. I hope sometime I forget it, as I forget I breathe.

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