martes, 30 de enero de 2007


While I was on my way home I kept thinking about my depression. i just had no idea. i just feel sad, sad and lonely, and i am in a permanent state of bad mood.

I spent the day at school swallowing my own tears, feeling as the second in every way, as some ghost.

I am really good at what I do. I write, that's my only passion and my only support in life. i am a writer, i am a writer, i am a writer. i even try to convince myself i'm a writer, i even try to convince myself about the only thing i've known for sure since i was a kid.

And now i'm doubting. now i'm not so sure. now i think that i cannot be the best even in my only abilities.

I feel immersed in some abyss, and it's so dark i can't find the exit.

It will be a year since my discovery. February 19th. i think that's the reason why the world annoys me. i guess i'm not over it.

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