lunes, 22 de enero de 2007

Thanks to J

I’m amazed. The capacity that human race have to turn even the must insignificant event into something meaningful is not only great but unique. We are capable of converting any coincidence, mix it with some magic, and taste the surprise that we invented for ourselves.

I made myself a huge surprise today, after I published some new stuff on my blog. I clicked the “Next Blog” button and I read one that was nice and dark. Then I got bored and clicked again. Some blog called “Where’s Billy?” appeared. I quote the first thing I read which invited me to keepo on reading: “I am Billy's favorite person. I was a whacko on medication. One horrible night I took too much medication. I am fine now but Billy isn't.” Some J person signs it. Jane Doe? Joanna? Just don’t know.

To be honest I thought I was about to enter into a schizophrenic mind. The pills, the guy who misses Australia even though he’s never been there, everything just connected in my brain so I believed that was the answer. I still have lots of hypothesis.

So I read. I read November, then January, and some phrase echoed in my head, “It's both our faults if my Grandkids don't call him Grandpa.”

I can’t explain what I felt, I just knew that the surprise I invented for myself had made effect in my empty life. There is some girl in the world that thinks and gets sad as I do. There’s a woman in this world, I don’t know where and I don’t know anything about her, except that she loves some Billy guy who left her.

I don’t know why, that blog just made me feel. Thanks to the author, thanks to the coincidences.

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