sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

Lo leí en un blog...

Y ahora lo copio para hacerlo en el mío.

Highlight the statements that fit you.
Italisize those that bother you.

01. I've never had a boyfriend.
02. I still watch cartoons.
03. I've never seen The O.C.
04. I love almost all music.
06. I want a tattoo.
07. I wear glasses.
08. I read books.
09. I want piercings.
10. Because I have none, not even my ears.
11. I love to watch the rain.
12. I like to walk in the dark at night with someone special and talk.
13. I didnt believe in true love when i was younger.
14. I am a pretty cynical person.
15. Sometimes I cry for no damn reason.
16. I cry about stupid things.
17. I hate being walked all over and treated like crap.
18. It annoys me when people try to tell me how I am, and what I like.
19. I love music.
20. I believe in God.
21. I often feel alone.
22. I'm sometimes a loud person.
23. A boy/ girl shattered my heart into a million pieces.
24. I get depressed sometimes.
25. I hate it when people criticize me for what I like.
26. I crack my knuckles, but not wrists, ankles, back, etc.
27. I fidgit with anything when I'm nervous.
28. I'm a weird person.
29. I consider myself pretty unique.
30. My eyes are brown.
31. Listening to music usually helps my mood.
32. Sometimes I am a disappointment to myself.
33. I love sleeping.
34. I'm obsessed with Hazelnuts favor.
35. I have a couple of close friends.
36. Okay, i have like 10 friends.
37. I need to lose weight.
38. I hate popcorn.
39. I love watching tv.
41. I like cold weather better than hot.
42. I like the feeling of snow.
43. I love Winter.
44. I'm addicted to AIM.
45. I have trouble trusting people.
46. I do not label myself anything besides "me."
47. I love my family...
48. I loathe hot weather.
50. I hate shaving my legs.
51. Sleeping is a hobby of mine.
52. I like to listen to music everyday.
53. I love pug.
54. I am short for my age...*sigh*
55. I don't always like the way I look.
56. I still wanna cut myself.
57. I'm a daydreamer.
58. I like when my friends write me letters, it makes me feel special.
59. I like to be with my friends.
60. I randomly doodle on pieces of paper or myself when boredom strikes.
61. I love all my friends.
62. I'm allergic to pepper.
63. I wish people would stop making me cry.
64. I hate people who try to be what they're not.
65. I went to public school for the first year of high school.
66. I love all candy, well, most.
67. I get my feelings hurt really easy.
68. I believe inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.
69. I wear pants a lot.
70. I am often bored.
71. I like to say what's on my mind.
72. I hate white jeans, even though they are sexy.
73. I'm online a lot.
74. I have an annoying brother.
75. I am for the most part happy with myself.
76. I need to work out more.
77. I like being alone at certain times.
78. When I get angry, I curse to myself sometimes.
79. I wish I could spend more time with the ones I love.
80. I hate shallow people.
81. I'm a traveler.
82. I ponder life way too much.
83. Sometimes I think everyone hates me.
84. I wish my brother did die.
85. I hate it when girls have their thongs sticking really far out of the back of their pants.
86. I need to be showed I'm loved.
87. I wish I was better.
88. I hate discrimination.
89. I hate guys who are only out for one thing.
90. I have a cute car.
91. I love glitter when they are not messy.
92. I sometimes wish I was more social.
93. I love my close friends.
94. I love to have fun.
95. I get amused easily.
96. I'm procrastinator. I really am.
97. I'm usually more outgoing when I'm around friends.
98. I love to be me.
99. I like wearing hoodies.
100. I hate seafood.
101. Hugs help me feel better.
102. I am white.
103. I hate the beach.
104. I think about my significant other at least 999999999999 times a day.
105. I walk around my house naked.

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